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In the sections below, you will find English contents presenting different issues the French ministry for agriculture and food cares about.
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Official labels of quality and origin

In France, products with quality and origin labels – whether PDO, PGI, Label Rouge or organic – reflect the extraordinary variety of French food heritage produced according to demanding quality standards and using expertise passed down through the generations. More information to recognize them.
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MOND’Alim 2030 : the actors of food system globalization - Analyse n°111

Based on the Chapter 5 of the MOND'Alim 2030 book written by the Center for Studies and Strategic Foresight, this Analysis isolates three main trends involving the actors of the globalization of food systems: their increasing number, the growing complexity of their interactions and the hybridization of their statuses.
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Globalization through trade in food products: structural trends and an explorative prospective analysis - Analyse n°102

Based on the Chapter 2 of the MOND'Alim 2030 book written by the Center for Studies and Strategic Foresight, this Analysis draws out the main characteristics and trends in agrifood trade (increasing numbers of flows, countries and products, an expanding role for private-sector actors, value chain segmentation, etc.) and formulates hypotheses for the next fifteen years.
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DGAL: a government department at the service of the citizen

DGAL is the French general directorate for food. Its main tasks are to supervise the safety and quality of foodstuffs at every stage of the food chain, as well as the health and protection of animals and plants. Furthermore at the EU and international levels, the DGAL promotes France's food and sanitary models. Find out here data and main activities.
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FAO: a first female candidate

Catherine Geslain- Lanéelle is the first female candidate ever for the post as DG of the FAO! She is the official French and EU candidate. Learn more about her vision.
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