07 août 2019 Info +

Information, knowledge, innovation: the other side of food system globalization - Analyse n°113

The MOND’Alim 2030 exercise led by the Centre for Studies and Strategic Foresight (CEP) looks at the current phase of food system globalization and documents the core dynamics at work. One of its chapters is devoted to the circulation of information, the production of knowledge and the dissemination of innovations. The present note identifies the broad structural issues and formulates some hypotheses for the future: growing international integration of information systems, a preponderance of global corporations in R&D, globalization of ideas and the renewal of agricultural paradigms.

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Les notes d’Analyse présentent en quatre pages l’essentiel des réflexions sur un sujet d’actualité relevant des champs d’intervention du ministère de l’agriculture et de l'alimentation. Selon les numéros, elles privilégient une approche prospective, stratégique ou évaluative.