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MOND’Alim 2030 : a forward look at food system globalization - Analyse CEP n°100

The globalization of food systems is not limited to trade and culinary influences. As a centuries-long, but partly reversible, phenomenon, it is increasingly contributing to the interpenetration of different geographical levels: local regions, nations, continents, world. As an economic process that is also cultural, political and legal, it is radically transforming the ways in which food is produced and consumed, changing the risk landscape and complicating the interplay between actors. The MOND’Alim 2030 strategic foresight exercise led by the Centre for Studies and Strategic Foresight is aimed at characterizing the present phase of globalization, documenting the dynamics at work, looking at their possible extrapolation to 2030 and identifying certain potential breakpoints. In six thematic sections, this paper summarizes the main lessons of the results produced by that exercise.

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MOND’Alim 2030 : a forward look at food system globalization

Les notes d’Analyse présentent en quatre pages l’essentiel des réflexions sur un sujet d’actualité relevant des champs d’intervention du ministère de l’agriculture et de l'alimentation. Selon les numéros, elles privilégient une approche prospective, stratégique ou évaluative.