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Official labels of quality and origin

In France, products with quality and origin labels – whether PDO, PGI, Label Rouge or organic – reflect the extraordinary variety of French food heritage produced according
to demanding quality standards and using expertise passed down through the generations. More information to recognise them.

These labels are an official guarantee for consumers.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

This logo applies to a product that is produced, processed and prepared in a particular region. These specific natural and human factors give the product its typical characteristics. This label protects the name of a product across the entire European Union. Examples include: Chablis, Bordeaux, Roquefort, Comté, Meaux brie, Corsican olive oil and Bresse chicken.

Registered designation of origin (AOC)

These products are produced according to PDO standards. The label is used to protect products in France until they obtain official PDO status and protection at the European level.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

This logo refers to products for which at least one stage of production, processing or preparation takes place in a particular region. It is a European label that protects the name of the product across the entire European Union. Examples include Camargue rice, Corsican clementines, Bayonne ham, Côtes de Gascogne wine and Breton cider.

Traditional specialty guaranteed (TSG)

This logo refers to products made using a traditional recipe or production method. Examples include Serrano ham, Gueuze beer and Bouchot mussels.

Organic farming

This logo guarantees products that have been produced and processed according to specific environmental and animal welfare standards. Organic farming
regulations are the same across Europe, and imported products are subject to the same standards. Examples include fruits and vegetables, meat, milk and dairy products and cereals.

Label rouge (LR)

The Label rouge seal is a French label that applies to products that have been produced or prepared in a way that ensures a superior quality over other similar products. Examples include smoked salmon, chicken, cheese and cured meats.


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