Stéphane Travert and his German counterpart Julia Klöckner issue a joint declaration on the future CAP
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On Monday 16th July Stéphane Travert, minister of agriculture and food, and his German counterpart Julia Klöckner, federal minister of food and agriculture, issued a joint declaration on the future CAP, as presented to European agriculture ministers.

As they had promised at their meeting on 25th June this year, the German and French ministers have worked on a joint contribution to the preparation of the new CAP.

In this declaration the two ministers wished to recall their high expectations of the future CAP, in particular its ability to respond to economic, environmental and climate challenges, and more generally to society's growing demands for safer, more sustainable food from agriculture.

To this end, the two ministers defend keeping the CAP budget at its current level. They are pleased that their joint declaration therefore reinforces the commitment by 20 member states to defend maintaining the CAP budget as set down in the memorandum on the CAP of 31st May 2018. This so-called Madrid memorandum was presented by Stéphane Travert at the European agriculture ministers' meeting last June in Luxembourg.

In their declaration, Stéphane Travert and Julia Klockner also underlined the importance of the following points:

  • raised environmental ambitions;
  • improved targeting of direct subsidies;
  • strengthened tools for dealing with risks and crises and more generally tools for the CAP to support structuring of different sectors and building up their value.

According to Stéphane Travert:

"The work done together with my colleague Julia Klöckner following our meeting in Paris on 25th June reinforces the positions we and 19 other member states adopted at the last meeting in Luxembourg. I am pleased that Germany has joined us in opposing the budget plan proposed by the Commission for the CAP!

A shared Franco-German position is essential to protect the added value provided by this major European Union policy. It should allow agriculture in our countries to modernise in order to make it more competitive and to meet the expectations of European citizens and consumers more and more effectively."

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