French agri-food industries 2018

First employer in the manufacturing industry, with more than 18,000 companies and 380,000 employees, first industry in terms of turnover, the agri-food industry is a major player in French economy and a vector of competitiveness and attractiveness at national, European and global levels. It is also a sector of extraordinary diversity, whose world wide fame relies not only on major groups and well-known brands, but also on many SME / VSE that boost our territories by their innovation capacity and the quality of their products.

The French National Food Conference that took place in 2017 has put food at the heart of societal debates. This work of co-construction helped us to federate the ambitions of the different actors involved and to identify shared goals. The roadmap resulting from the French National Food Conference materialize a number of those ambitions:

  • setting up a new framework to restore producers’ income and investment margins for industries;
  • development of sector plans to involve all stakeholders, from upstream to downstream, aiming at upgrading our food system;
  • the adoption of a Major Investment Plan with a 1.7 billion euros component dedicated to improving downstream competitiveness;
  • “Ambition Bio 2022”, a plan to boost conversions to organic farming and organize the supply of organic products;
  • a bioeconomy strategy to promote all types of biomass and support the development of a biosourced industry that is effective, innovative and sustainable,
  • “Ecophyto2 +”, a plan to reduce the use of crop protection products.

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