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HEV certification : Recognition of the environmental performance of farmers

High environmental value (HEV) corresponds to the highest level of a more general scheme of environmental certification for farms.The farm environmental certification is a voluntary approach which aims to identify and promote particularly environmentally-friendly practices applied by farmers. HEV covers four key areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, management of fertiliser use and management of water.

In order to engage the whole agricultural sector in an approach focused on environmental progress, it is designed on the basis of certification of the whole farm at three levels.

logo hve

The third or "high environmental value" level is based on performance indicators. Farm certification, which enables farmers to label their products with a value statement "from farms certified as having high environmental value", guarantees a farm's high level of environmental performance.

The HEV logo : symbol of this certification scheme making it visible to consumers

Unveiled by Minister Stéphane Le Foll at the Independent Wine-Growers Exhibition on 27 November, the HEV logo is associated with the value statement and can be placed on finished products containing at least 95% of raw materials from farms certified as having high environmental value. The presence of the logo on finished products makes it possible to highlight for consumers the efforts of farms engaged in the highest level of the environmental certification scheme.

The farm environmental certification is a contribution to the implementation of the agro-ecological project launched by the Minister in December 2012.

Download the flyer "High environmental value has its logo" (PDF, 564.93 Ko)