A bioeconomy strategy for France: 2018-2020 Action plan
Camille Jean / agriculture.gouv.fr

On the occasion of the International Agricultural Fair (SIA) in Paris In February 2018, Stéphane Travert, Minister for Agriculture and Food, presented the Bioeconomy Action plan.

This action plan, drawn up in the wake of the French National Food Conference, is the result of a wide ranging consultation between public authorities and other stakeholders.The action plan translates the overall bioeconomy strategy into operational actions under five broad headings:

  • extending knowledge;
  • promoting the bioeconomy and its products to the general public;
  • creating the conditions for matching supply with demand;
  • sustainable bioresource production, mobilisation and processing;
  • removing obstacles and providing funding.

The implementation of an officially recognised label "biobased product", as well as the promotion of the choice of biobased products in public procurement should allow a larger presence of wood, hemp concrete and plant fiber in building materials. These elements should contribute to creating value and help structure new agricultural and forestry sectors in both metropolitan France and the overseas territories. The greater use of bioresources derived from aquatic, marine and freshwater environments (fisheries,sustainable aquaculture, macro & microalgae…), should also generate a lot of promising opportunities.

The production of renewable energy : clean electricity, biofuels, biogas, can supplement the incomes of more than 50 000 farmers. This dynamic must continue, notably through the development of agricultural methanisation. Two specific actions in the Bioeconomy plan are aimed at promoting agricultural methanisation : the removal of regulatory obstacles – firstly -, and secondly, the facilitation of financial investment into farm methanisation projects.

According to Minister Stéphane Travert : «  Bioeconomy must help in the transition from an economy based on fossil resouces, to a competitive and sustainable economy based on renewable carbon. With bioeconomy on the rise, sectors such as agriculture,forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, will position themselves as key players in the transition to a carbon free economy. The development of bioeconomy brings us the opportunity to remember that farmers, foresters and fishermen feed us, but that they can also heat us,dress us, and, finally, provide us with electricity and materials ».

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