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Global Forum on Agroecology

The 2nd International agroecology Symposium is taking place in Rome from the 3rd to the 5th April 2018. 700 policy-makers, agroecology practitioners, academics, and representatives from government, civil society, the private sector and UN agencies are gathered to identify needs, challenges and opportunities that can help scale-up and scale-out agroecology.

By building synergies between plants, animals, humans and the environment, agroecology provides multiple benefits to society and the environment. The Global dialogue showcases the important contribution of agroecology, especially in terms of:

  • enhancing smallholder and family farmers’ adaptation and resilience  to the impacts of climate change;
  • improving nutrition including through more diversified diets;
  • protecting and enhancing agro-biodiversity in support of ecosystem services such as pollination and soil health;
  • improving livelihoods in rural areas;
  • achieving a transformative change in agricultural practices towards sustainable development.

At the end of the three-day symposium, an initiative will be launched to encourage more inclusive agroecology transition processes through tools, knowledge and policy in order to transform food and agricultural systems.

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