Analysis n°37 - january 2012 Agroforestry in France: benefits and issues

Agroforestry denotes a form of land use that combines trees with crops on the same plots. Under the second pillar of the CAP, the European Commission has instituted a European support measure for agroforestry covering the years 2007-2013 which will probably be carried forward into the following period, 2014-2020. According to initial estimates, agroforestry might cover up to 10,000 hectares in Metropolitan France by 20131. But what are the real issues today where agroforestry is concerned? Clearly positioned as an agronomic approach rather than as disguised afforestation of farmland, agroforestry puts trees back at the heart of the production system, which has benefits at the level of the individual plot as well as at a broader level, in terms of landscape, biodiversity, adaptation to climate change, and so on.

Agroforestry in France: benefits and issues (PDF, 464.68 Ko)

The notes published in the CEP Analyses series are 4 to 8 pages evaluative or prospective briefs aimed at the general public. Based on research reports, studies, expert opinions or data analysis and statistics, they propose an overview of a topical issue and favor comparative approaches. 

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