Analysis n°30 - june 2011 Asian public policies to stabilise the rice market

Since the middle of 2010 food commotidy prices have undergone another inflationary episode.
However, the effective stability of the international rice market makes it an interesting case to study. Indeed, whereas the fundamental elements for rice production and consumption seem to be relatively similar to those of the previous soaring food prices episode of 2007/2008, the rice market remains untroubled by this new inflation in global agricultural commodity prices. After having presented the characteristics of the rice market, this analysis reviews the key stages of the 2008 soaring rice prices episode and introduces the public policies set up by Asian countries so as to decrease the risks of rice prices hiking up again.

Asian public policies to stabilise the rice market (PDF, 450.5 Ko)

The notes published in the CEP Analyses series are 4 to 8 pages evaluative or prospective briefs aimed at the general public. Based on research reports, studies, expert opinions or data analysis and statistics, they propose an overview of a topical issue and favor comparative approaches. 

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