Analysis n° 14 - April 2010 Farmers in French society (1)

The social grouping formed by “farmers”(2) is currently undergoing a sea change. Leaving aside prejudice and media presentation, what do we really know about them? What can be learned from statistics and sociological research? Are farmers a category apart, with their own lifestyles and values? Or, on the contrary, are they losing their specific identity as they merge with the prevailing model in contemporary French society? Although a degree of convergence with the rest of the population is to be seen where living standards and consumption are concerned, they still retain specific features with regard to demographics, the way they allocate their time and, especially, their relationship with work and their local regions.

Analysis n° 14 - April 2010 Farmers in French society (PDF, 275.52 Ko)

The notes published in the CEP Analyses series are 4 to 8 pages evaluative or prospective briefs aimed at the general public. Based on research reports, studies, expert opinions or data analysis and statistics, they propose an overview of a topical issue and favor comparative approaches.


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