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The General Directorate for Economic and Environmental Performance of Enterprises (DGPE)

Our tasks are to assisting and supporting economic operators to support economic recovery and the ecological transition of French sectors.

By 2020, our ambition is that enterprises in the agriculture, agri-food, forest/timber, horse and bioeconomy sectors should be recognised as the green and innovative driving force of the French economy. This should lead to increased production and market share, the creation of new products and services, and hence jobs, and increased exports.

Our priorities for 2018 :

  • To ensure adherence to the timetable for the disbursement of CAP 2016 support payments (1st and 2nd pillars) and good management in 2017 for forward visibility, information-sharing, adherence to agreed timetables and secure payments.
  • To ensure inclusion in the programmes implemented by France’s Regional Authorities of central government’s strategic focuses and support for the Authorities governing the new French Regions for convergence of their rural development programmes.
  • To strengthen collective action within sectors both upstream and downstream in order to improve value chain operation and product value-added, supporting the ecological transition and stimulating innovation.
  • To define and implement the Ministry’s roadmap for the deployment of the climate strategy in the agricultural, agrifood and forestry sectors for enhanced climate change mitigation and business resilience.
  • To define, validate and implement actions and the associated indicators to enable enterprises to achieve good economic and environmental performance by mobilising the decentralised agencies, state operators and our partners.
  • To support investment and innovation in the forestry/ wood sector in order to increase the exploitation of wood and its value-added.
  • To manage the national roll-out of the reform of the simple less-favoured area support scheme in order to arrive at a revised national framework for end 2017.
  • To update the strategic plan for exercise of influence by the Ministry internationally and within the European Union, notably taking into account reflection on CAP 2020 and the consequences of Brexit.
  • To build and implement, alongside our partners, the Ministry’s strategic export action plan for the development of our exports.
  • To manage budget resources, performance and the network of partners (decentralised agencies, operators) for greater efficiency in government spending.
  • To apply the DGPE’s charter of values and commitments and to continue to improve the management of human resources and career pathways.
  • To make changes to our working methods to enhance information-sharing and to elicit and support innovative working methods and encourage forwardlooking approaches.

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